Predicting first win for remaining winless NFL teams after Week 5

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New York Jets (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)

Three winless NFL teams remain after five weeks of play. When might those teams finally secure a victory?

It’s common to have several NFL teams go over a month into the season without winning a game. And so far, three teams are still searching for their first win in the 2020 season. While holding the worst overall record at the end of the season isn’t necessarily a bad thing this year due to getting the rights at drafting Trevor Lawrence, going 0-16 is really hard to do, even for the worst teams ever assembled.

The three winless teams to this point are, oddly enough, both New York teams in the Jets and the Giants as well as the Atlanta Falcons. These teams have all had different journeys to their 0-5 records but they’re all 0-5 regardless.

The Jets are a mess and no one is really shocked to see them at 0-5. Out of these three teams, they’re the ones most likely to go 0-16 for the first time since the 2017 Cleveland Browns. I’m trying my hardest to think of something positive to say about the Jets and, honestly, I’ve got nothing. They’re a train wreck.

The Giants, another New York team, are 0-5, but at least they’ve looked competitive in some of their games. They have a first-year head coach and that can always make it tougher to win, but the Giants aren’t completely hopeless. They are still pretty bad, though.

Last, but not least, we have the Falcons, who honestly should be 2-3 right now at the very least. They blew huge leads against both the Cowboys and the Bears in back-to-back weeks and after their fifth straight loss, fired head coach Dan Quinn.

When will each of these teams finally find themselves in the win column?

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