Adam Gase is doing exactly what the New York Jets want

New York Jets (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)
New York Jets (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) /

Adam Gase is steering the New York Jets towards one of the worst seasons in NFL history.

Adam Gase is somehow still the head coach of the New York Jets after leading the team to an 0-6 record so far in 2020. The Jets currently feature the worst point differential in the NFL at -110, more than 50 points worse than the next-worst team.

They currently have the worst offense in the league by quite a significant margin but are surprisingly just 30th in total defense thanks to the Cleveland Browns and Minnesota Vikings. New York has no young prospects worth writing about outside of rookie offensive Mekhi Becton but they have already mismanaged his health and put him at risk of long term shoulder problems.

Once-promising franchise quarterback Sam Darnold has regressed and they released the only offensive weapon they had in running back Le’Veon Bell — though even the former All-Pro was ineffective in Gotham.

Things are incredibly bleak for the New York Jets but somehow Adam Gase still has a job and here’s why: In 2020, he is doing exactly what the Jets want him to do and that’s losing games.

Adam Gase has been the leader in losing the New York Jets want and need.

The Jets already knew they were not going to very good coming into the season thanks to a mixture of players like C.J. Mosley opting out and losing key free agents like Robby Anderson to other teams.

Then the season hit and they saw just how bad they were going to be and rather than focus on scraping by for mediocrity, they have chosen to bottom out and aim for the No. 1 draft pick and the potential savior that is waiting on the other side. That savior, of course, is Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

The 6-6 wunderkind is in the midst of a potential Heisman Trophy-winning season with the Tigers and has been the talk of the NFL since he won the National Championship as a true freshman in 2018-19. If he could have declared after that season, he may have been the No. 1 pick ahead of Kyler Murray. But thanks to the NFL’s rules he had to wait another two seasons.

Nothing Lawrence has done since that title-winning season has dissuaded teams from seeing him as a generational quarterback prospect and the Jets undoubtedly feel the same way. They appear to be taking the Philadelphia 76ers method of tanking their way to the top of the draft and they can do so in relative anonymity because they don’t have any fans at home games thanks to COVID-19.

So in the eyes of the New York Jets ownership with their goal of hitting the restart button and getting that potential franchise-altering quarterback, Lawrence, Gase is doing his job with flying colors. All the questions about building a winning culture aside, he is executing their plan to perfection and even gives them the perfect fall guy to blame for when it really hits the fan.

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The Jets may still end up firing Gase before the end of the season when the No. 1 pick is locked u. But for now, they’re going to keep tearing things down so they can build it back up with Lawrence as the foundation. Whether or not he actually ever comes to the Jets is another conversation altogether but the wins and losses in 2020 are irrelevant because he is the potential light at the end of the tunnel and Gase is just the man to get them there.