Fantasy Football: Week 7 quarterback rankings for 2-QB leagues

TAMPA, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 18: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers throws a touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski #87 during the second quarter against the Green Bay Packers at Raymond James Stadium on October 18, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
TAMPA, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 18: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers throws a touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski #87 during the second quarter against the Green Bay Packers at Raymond James Stadium on October 18, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Fantasy football quarterback rankings in Week 7 for 2-QB and Superflex leagues.

NFL Week 6 was a particularly rough one for our two-QB league fantasy football brethren. The bottom of the barrel was just that this past week. It surely had something to do with four quality QBs being out on bye, but that was only a piece. We also saw uncharacteristically rough weeks from stalwarts.

Ben Roethlisberger and Matthew Stafford were two of the names who put up really bad outings. However, because of the dearth of options, they actually still finished as top-24 players, which brings us back to the stink of Week 6. Normally, the end of usable quarterbacks for two-QB leagues scores around a dozen points.

For the first month of the season, the 25th-ranked quarterback averaged a shade over 12 points per game (depending on league settings). Week 5 saw a big dip from that to Matt Ryan at 6.94 points, and Week 6 cratered even further.

The 25th quarterback this past week was Joe Flacco, scoring 5.44 points. In other words, for one of the rare times, you may have been better off using an RB/WR/TE in your superflex spot rather than a second quarterback. And it happened twice in a row! Almost unheard of.

The real outlier performance was had by Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers put up what can only be described as a peerless performance. He somehow managed to finish with nearly zero fantasy points out of the quarterback position without getting hurt or leaving the game early. That means he stunk all the way through and even failed to generate anything in garbage time. A performance truly without peer.

This week, we will be without Phillip Rivers, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kirk Cousins, and Lamar Jackson due to byes. Plan accordingly.

Dan Salem and Todd Salem debate Fantasy Football in today’s NFL Sports Debate.

Fantasy Football QB Rankings for Week 7

Top 12: Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Kyler Murray, Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, Kyle Allen, Matthew Stafford, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Ryan Tannehill, Cam Newton

Some jockeying has begun, but nothing resembling an unseating at the top.

13: Tom Brady

Todd Salem: The Tampa defense is so good, a lot of these weeks Brady doesn’t have to do much of anything. Last week, he had 17 completions in a blowout victory. I expect more volume this time out, especially since Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are finally healthy at the same time.

Dan Salem: Brady has shown no signs of slipping, but unless he needs to “take over” a game, he’s got a ceiling because of the solid team around him. I like him this week more than most.

14: Gardner Minshew

Todd Salem: The Jags keep losing, there is talk of them wanting to bench Minshew, and the team may be eyeing a play for the first pick in the draft. All that said, Minshew has just one bad fantasy game this season. The other five weeks, he’s been a top 12 or 13 finisher.

Dan Salem: Its hard to say what Minshew and the Jaguars will produce, but this week is a reliable matchup. Keep playing him until Jacksonville abandons winning entirely.

15: Carson Wentz

Todd Salem: Wentz just had his best game of the season in a losing effort to Baltimore. He didn’t throw an interception for the first time all season, yet he only completed 21-of-40 passes. There is a lot to dislike each week in Philly. Wentz continues to generate fantasy points through it.

Dan Salem: Despite the erosion of the offense around Wentz, he keeps playing better. I love the matchup against New York this week, with his shot to take over the division.

16: Jimmy Garoppolo

Todd Salem: He looks healthy now, doesn’t he? Garoppolo has essentially played two healthy games this year and is averaging 21.5 fantasy points in those. Part of the reason he isn’t a franchise quarterback in some respect is that lack of availability, but week to week, he is a solid player.

Dan Salem: Which Jimmy G. will we get this week? I think he’s back for good, but until he strings together a few solid outings, he sits lower on our rankings.

17: Justin Herbert

Todd Salem: Here is a good matchup coming off a bye week for the young passer. Herbert has yet to have a bad fantasy game, which kind of worries me. Joe Burrow stumbled in his fifth game. Granted, it was against Baltimore, not Jacksonville, but I’m still not ready to anoint Herbert.

Dan Salem: A great matchup for Herbert this week, with extra time to prepare. He’s got a hot hand right now and has been consistently performing for fantasy owners.

18: Joe Burrow

Todd Salem: A good game against Indianapolis is a good sign. Cleveland is no pushover defense, though, this week. Burrow has a lot of growth left. After the start he had to his career, it’s funny that he’s already been surpassed by Herbert. Expect another couple swaps between these two QBs before the year is out.

Dan Salem: Burrow is a strong play this week, but is always a risk because his team is so bad.

19: Jared Goff

Todd Salem: If not for the tough matchup, Goff would be slotted higher. He hasn’t been the most consistent performer but does offer good upside with three top-12 finishes in six games. This is probably not another, facing Chicago, which is why he slides to the bottom third of the rankings.

Dan Salem: Goff has been a bit disappointing in fantasy, despite his team’s overall success. Buyer beware this week.

20: Teddy Bridgewater

Todd Salem: Bridgewater plays up and down to the defense he faces. A good defense stifles him and Carolina: bad games against Tampa Bay and Chicago. Bad defenses get diced: Atlanta, Las Vegas. New Orleans has been pretty good defensively, so don’t expect a big game here.

Dan Salem: Everyone thought Carolina was weak before the season, and now they’ve fallen back to average. I’m not sure Bridgewater can keep it up, especially after last week’s clunker.

21: Kyle Allen

Todd Salem: Hard to go wrong with an NFL-caliber quarterback against the Dallas defense. Allen was fine last week and could be even better this time, heading into the Washington bye on a high note.

Dan Salem: The Dallas defense is gold for fantasy quarterback play. That will not change this season.

22: Andy Dalton

Todd Salem: Being given 54 pass attempts in start number one is a good sign. Squandering much of that opportunity is a bad sign. It doesn’t get any easier this week against a good Washington defense.

Dan Salem: I doubt Dalton turns things around significantly, but he does have the most upside. Better Dalton than anyone else.

23: Derek Carr

Todd Salem: Tampa Bay has the best defense going right now. Tough defenses haven’t necessarily submarined Carr, though, to this point. He had big games against New Orleans and Kansas City, two top-10 defenses according to DVOA. It is hard to expect that here, but I’d understand if someone wanted to slide him a couple of spots higher.

Dan Salem: Carr can meet the challenge this week, but if Aaron Rodgers floundered versus Tampa Bay, then Carr likely does too. No thank you.

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24: Daniel Jones

Todd Salem: Jones has been nowhere in my rankings because of, well, isn’t it obvious? He’s been very bad for a very bad offense. This week gives a little hope. He utilized his legs last game for most of his fantasy production. He also is set to face a very poor Philadelphia pass defense, which could open up some semblance of big-play potential.

Dan Salem: Someone has to be last.