Ron Rivera deserves bulk of credit for Washington turnaround

Ron Rivera and the Washington Football Team are in the NFC East driver’s seat.

A 41-16 victory over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving gave the Washington Football Team and head coach Ron Rivera their first series sweep since 2012. Though their record is currently 4-7, Washington is now in first place in a beleaguered NFC East.

While a below .500 record is nothing to celebrate for most teams, given that Washington leads their division, it’s fair they will take it. But what’s often forgotten is what a great job Rivera has done since he took over the organization after all that had gone down.

From the changing of the name to a bombshell story involving sexual harassment within the organization, Rivera’s disciplined approach with a largely undisciplined franchise now has the team with a positive outlook despite their below-average record, which may be enough to win this division in an unpredictable league.

Ron Rivera has Washington moving forward in a positive direction

Rivera is no exception to looking forward in a positive manner, and he certainly has overcome his fair share of adversity. Upon being diagnosed with cancer and successfully overcoming it, Rivera’s strength was on full display on a day where we give thanks for our blessings.

Washington’s performance against Dallas showed that despite the Cowboys having the easiest strength of schedule left in the division, on any given day, your play matters. In addition, Rivera has put together a number of young core players, particularly on the defensive side of the ball, that can be used as building blocks for what he envisions his team to be.

Is Washington likely able to break the .500 mark by the end of the year? No. However, they have a number of winnable games that they can use to their advantage and a little luck from within their division can ensure their place on the top.

Regardless of what happens this year, Ron Rivera deserves a bulk of the credit and a few moves can put them on the path of forward progress for years to come.