Tom Brady gives Falcons deja vu with comeback to keep Bucs in playoff mix

Tom Brady loves a comeback win over the Falcons as he kept Tampa’s playoff hopes alive.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is no stranger to coming back against the Atlanta Falcons, having overcome a 25 point deficit to win a Super Bowl at their expense. Of course, that was with the New England Patriots. This time, it was a 17-point halftime deficit that Tampa Bay was facing before the six-time Super Bowl champion worked his magic for victory.

The 31-27 victory over the Falcons keeps Tampa Bay in the playoff picture and has them looking dangerous as the season winds down to a close. However, after being shut out in the first half, to say that there wasn’t concern would be an understatement. In fact, it looked as if Super Bowl LI was happening all over again.

The second half, however, proved to be a case of deja vu as the Buccaneers erupted for 31 second-half points and used a last-second chain mark to escape the ATL with a victory. Additionally, they reminded the football world that the Falcons continue to be a team that cannot seem to hold on to the lead.

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers

Tampa Bay is still a good team and worthy of making the postseason. Furthermore, they have a number of talented players that further validate this claim. However, the first half leaves many questions as to why a full game cannot be played. Furthermore, given the nature of the Falcons, can we really crown Tampa Bay as a contender.

The answer has to be yes and there may be some trepidation as to why? The offense when clicking can compete with the best in the league. The defense, led by Devin White, can get after the quarterback at will and when they do, it often leaves the opponent at mercy. Finally, given how head coach Bruce Arians has incorporated the run into his philosophy, it provides a form of balance that can come in handy come postseason time.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers emerged victorious, albeit with good fortune on their side. The playoffs are in sight and so far, they have a ticket in. Whether or not they keep the ticket or give it away is up to them. But knowing their quarterback, that will likely not happen.