NFL Power Rankings, Wild Card Round: Packers assert dominance, Washington sneaks in

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2020 NFL Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Power Rankings for the 14 teams that made it to the NFL Playoffs.

After a fun weekend of football, the 2020-21 NFL season is officially done. At least the regular season that is, as we are now moving onto the Wild Card Round and the NFL Playoffs at large.

There weren’t too many shocks in this one as most of the teams needing to win and get in got the job done, including the Cleveland Browns, Washington Football Team, and Tennessee Titans. There was also the Chicago Bears, who didn’t get the win but got some help to back in.

As for the top teams, the Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers asserted their will in their final outings just to remind us all they’re for real and the Kansas City Chiefs rested everyone as they prepared for another week off with the No. 1 seed well in hand.

Now with all that dust settled, we jump into a new week of NFL Power Rankings but change things up a bit. Here, we look at the 14 teams headed to the postseason and rank them against one another, starting with a team that snuck out with a narrow win to secure their division.


Washington Football Team

Last rank: 19

With a record of 7-9, the Washington Football Team is the winner of the NFC East. Not only did they win the worst division in football with a terrible record, but they sealed the divisional title by winning in one of the ugliest prime time games the league had to offer this season — and with some of the Thursday Night Football showings we saw this year, that’s saying something.

Washington needed a win to lock up the division and they were facing the Philadelphia Eagles who had nothing to play for. The Eagles proved that as well by pulling Jalen Hurts in a close contest with Doug Pederson wanting to see what Nate Sudfeld could do (no seriously). Unsurprisingly, Sudfeld couldn’t win it for them and there were plenty of opportunities for both teams to run away with this game and no one seemed to want to.

But let’s not focus completely on the bad. There was some good for Washington this season. Ron Rivera and Alex Smith both inspired us as Rivera fought off cancer and Smith had one of the most impressive comebacks in NFL history ‚— and it will be a joke if he doesn’t win the NFL Comeback Player of the Year. Having said that, there’s not much hope for them as they host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady, especially if they struggled with Nate Sudfeld and Jalen Hurts.

Even with that being said they won the East and in the end, it was only fitting a team with no name won a division with no winners. But let’s not act as if they’re going to be a threat to anyone, especially Tom Brady and the Bucs.

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