Should the Dallas Cowboys trade for Deshaun Watson?

Should the Dallas Cowboys seize the opportunity to trade for Deshaun Watson?

The Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson had similar 2020 NFL seasons, in that it was one to forget. For the Cowboys, countless injuries and an insufferable defense, while still having a chance to make the playoffs but failing is the makings for a Disney+ special. For Watson, even at his (career) best, his team still failed him miserably on and off the field.

Headed into the offseason, both teams have their hands full with drama. The Cowboys’ current quarterback, Dak Prescott, is set to become a free agent this offseason and a deal has yet to be agreed upon, further hinting towards a breakup between the two parties.

While owner Jerry Jones admitted that Prescott has “all of the leverage” in contract negotiations, that may soon take a turn after we’ve recently learned of the debacle between one of the league’s best quarterbacks and their front office.

As recently reported, Watson is once again disgruntled with the Texans, particularly with the front office. It was believed that, in their search for a general manager, they wanted the input of their franchise quarterback on who he thought would best serve the interests of the franchise.

After submitting a list of his chosen candidates, the front office ignored his submission and, instead, hired Nick Caserio from the New England Patriots grapevine as their new general manager.

Expressing his frustration about the lack of consultation and communication in regards to this signing, it was also discovered that Watson notified the team of his desire for Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, Eric Bienemy, to be interviewed for the head coach position. Despite his request, the Texans were the only coachless team in the NFL that did not interview the offensive guru.

Now, not only has the team traded away his friend and superstar receiver De’Andre Hopkins for a bag of chips, but the Texans have now also blatantly ignored his suggestions for both general manager and head coach candidates. This leads to the bombarding murmurs of a trade looming that involves the superstar quarterback. With this being said, the Cowboys could very well be in the mix.

It’s no secret that there’s bad blood between Dak Prescott and the Cowboys, specifically with Jones as the two failed to reach an agreement on a contract, leading to the player being designated to play on the franchise tag for 2020.

Despite balling out and playing his heart out, Prescott still did not receive a new contract. If he hasn’t signed one by now, he may never sign one with Dallas. Therefore, an opening at the quarterback position might just be there for Watson.

Deshaun Watson on the Dallas Cowboys is a juicy but fruitless notion.

Unfortunately, this move would require a bit too much for the Cowboys to consider. Not only would they have to trade their first-round draft pick in the 2021 NFL Draft but they’d have to do so for next year’s draft and most likely the year after as well.

Also, because of Watson’s ridiculous value, Dallas would need to offer a player with sufficient value as well. That being said, the only feasible reason as to why this trade could be considered for Dallas is if the damage in the relationship between Prescott and Jones is too far gone.

If their relationship cannot be repaired, then perhaps this trade is worth serious consideration. Even if the Cowboys were to lose a player like wide receiver Michael Gallup in this deal, in addition to the several early-round draft picks, they would still come out on top. Of all the elite quarterbacks in the NFL today, Watson easily cracks the top five.

Watson has made it to the Pro Bowl in three consecutive seasons since his rookie debut in the NFL and, in 2020, he led the league in passing yards (4,823) and finished second in passer rating (112.4) on a 4-12 Texans team.

In addition to his sensational passing, he is incredibly mobile in the pocket and isn’t afraid to use his legs to move the chains as shown by his 444 rushing yards in 2020. Not only does he also have three playoff games under his belt, but he is just 25 years old and is getting better each year.

The only — and strict emphasis on the only — way the Cowboys can make this trade is if there is no possible way to bring back Dak Prescott. If Prescott decides to test the free agency market, then the front office needs to hit the Texans’ line to see what they’d want for the quarterback. Even if they sell the farm, they’ll still be winners in the trade because you draft players with the hope they become a fraction of the player Watson is.