Philadelphia Eagles: 3 Best head coach candidates to replace Doug Pederson

Who are the Philadelphia Eagles’ best head coach candidates to consider?

Everyone was dogging Doug Pederson after Week 17 but, as it turns out, the problems with the now-former Philadelphia Eagles head coach went beyond just a controversial quarterback decision. As such, he’s been fired and now the Eagles are late to the party in searching for a new head coach in the 2021 offseason.

While they may be late to the party, though, they still seemingly have their pick of the litter as no teams have truly moved in this capacity. Subsequently, the Eagles have to move quickly in the interview process, which they seemingly have been in the wake of Pederson being relieved of his duties.

Taking all that into account, let’s take a look at the three best head coach candidates the Philadelphia Eagles could hire to replace Pederson as they look to revive Carson Wentz‘s career and get the franchise back into viable playoff contention.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach candidate No. 3: Duce Staley

Current Role: Eagles Assistant Head Coach – This is a hire that would only make sense for the Philadelphia Eagles but could also be a huge hit. Duce Staley currently serves as a running backs coach with the team and is a player favorite, someone who has already been boosted up by some as the guy who should take Pederson’s former post.

While with the Eagles in this position, it’s worth noting that the running backs have consistently performed at a high level and also helped to cultivate improvement. As a potentially popular hire in the locker room and with his familiarity, don’t sleep on Staley being one of the leading — and perhaps most quality — candidates to be the next head coach in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach candidate No. 2: Brian Daboll

Current Role: Buffalo Bills Offensive Coordinator – One candidate on the market that doesn’t nearly the amount of love as I believe he deserves is Brian Daboll. Yes, he’s mentioned but he should be considered one of the best offensive minds in the league for the job he’s done in Buffalo. And what he’s accomplished with the Bills should be enticing for the Eagles.

Daboll took a raw ball of tools in Josh Allen and molded him into an MVP candidate over the course of three seasons while the Bills offense has been viable for even longer than the 2020 campaign. That could be huge for Wentz and a Philadelphia offense that needs to be saved.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach candidate No. 1: Eric Bieniemy

Current Role: Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator – No surprise seeing Bieniemy at the top of this list as he’s the hottest name on the head coach market right now. It was shocking that the latest Andy Reid disciple didn’t get a shot last offseason but it would be even more so if he didn’t have his pick of the open jobs this offseason.

Between his hand in the development of Patrick Mahomes and the overall design of the Chiefs offense, Bieniemy appears to be more than capable of sparking the Eagles offense and trying to salvage Wentz’s career. If he’s interested, he’s the best possible hire for Philadelphia.