Are Aaron Rodgers, Packers finally heading towards reconciliation?

Training camp is fast approaching for the Green Bay Packers but the tide might finally be turning in their favor as it pertains to Aaron Rodgers. 

We’ve seen Aaron Rodgers on the golf course substantially more frequently in July than we’ve seen him have anything to do with the Green Bay Packers this offseason. The reigning NFL MVP has reportedly been pursuing a break-up with the team that he’s been with his entire career but nothing has materialized.

And now that training camp is right around the corner, things may be starting to take form but not in the shape of a trade.

Appearing on Get Up during the Monday broadcast, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler indicated that Green Bay is optimistic about the prospect of Rodgers returning, calling the Packers “hopeful” and saying he sensed “encouragement” within the franchise.

While Green Bay has never wavered on their positioning in this situation, a sense of optimism has been hard to find. So to hear that in combination with what the quarterback is saying is well might indicate that we are getting extremely close to a resolution, one that’s favorable to the Pack.

It’s part speculation but signs seem to point to Aaron Rodgers getting back together with the Packers.

Fowler’s report comes one day after Rodgers was asked about his future in the 2021 NFL season while playing at the American Century Championship golf tournament and responded by saying (h/t Sporting News):

“I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this week and then I’m going to get back to working out and figure things out in a couple weeks.”

For those keeping track at home, he made that comment on July 11, which just happens to be a little more than two weeks from the start of training camp on July 27.

Throughout this ordeal, the Green Bay front office has remained steadfast that they would not be trading the reigning NFL MVP. And by every indication, they have stuck to that behind closed doors as well, remaining committed to him even when the outlook seemed relatively bleak. Now, Rodgers is dropping veiled hints about a return to the field and his future, which is definitely worth the aforementioned optimism.

With nothing concrete really since the beginning of the Rodgers-Packers saga, there has been a lot of reading between the lines and filling in the gaps. That hasn’t stopped with this. However, as the organization feels optimistic and Rodgers is talking about figuring things out, it’s not a huge leap to think this might be trending towards a happy ending in Titletown.