50 Funny fantasy football team names sure to make your league laugh

"I think even his leadership has taken a step," Browns center J.C. Tretter said of quarterback Baker Mayfield.Brownscamp28 10
"I think even his leadership has taken a step," Browns center J.C. Tretter said of quarterback Baker Mayfield.Brownscamp28 10 /
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Fantasy Football Team Names
Dallas Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /

A fantasy team is only as good as its name. So impress the rest of your league and get a laugh with one of these funny fantasy football team names.

What’s not to love about fantasy football? From fretting over who to start in your FLEX in the dog days of November in the middle of the season to talking trash with your friends, it’s one of the best things to ever happen to the NFL. It draws new fans and keeps old fans forever engaged. But one of the most underrated aspects is trying to impress league-mates with fantasy football team names.

Everyone wants to be the person in their fantasy league that has the team name that everyone is envious of because it simply makes people laugh. Personally, my belief is you should wait and name your team after your draft so you can incorporate one of your players into your fantasy football team names. After all, puns go with fantasy like peanut butter goes with jelly.

In case you need some help to get the creative juices flowing, though, we have you covered with some witty, some funny and some downright great fantasy football team names for the 2021 season, complete with a bit of superficial fantasy analysis as well. (Note: All ADP information is via FantasyPros consensus ADP for PPR leagues.)

Fantasy Football Team Names Based on Top Picks

50. Freaks and Zekes (Ezekiel Elliott)

Shoutout to early Judd Apatow and the iconic Freaks and Geeks that many people wish had returned for more seasons, the hope is that Ezekiel Elliott can do the same for the 2021 campaign. Currently being drafted as RB6, that might be a bit low for a player who looks to have improved his conditioning while getting his quarterback and offensive line back intact.

49. Land of the McCaffree (Christian McCaffrey)

Returning from injuries that sidelined him for most of last year, no one is surprised that Christian McCaffrey is the RB1 and top overall player in ADP. His combination of rushing work and pass-catching ability makes him a monster, especially in the PPR leagues, that any fantasy football manager should want.

48. ChubbHub (Nick Chubb)

Much like GrubHub, ChubbHub delivers whenever you order. You could make the argument that there isn’t a better pure rusher than Nick Chubb in the NFL, especially behind that offensive line. The only thing holding him back is teammate Kareem Hunt, a player who largely negates any role Chubb would otherwise have in the passing game.

47. Davante’s Inferno (Davante Adams)

Helping Aaron Rodgers to win NFL MVP last year, Davante Adams was an absolute beast and established himself as the best wide receiver in the NFL. His role isn’t expected to change and, with Rodgers now firmly back in the mix with the Packers, Adams is the WR1 in fantasy football as well for this season.

46. Lights, Kamara, Jackson! (Alvin Kamara/Lamar Jackson)

A little combo action for you just in case you land Alvin Kamara and Lamar Jackson — the name is too good to pass up despite that being possibly unlikely. The Ravens have been hit with the injury bug this offseason but Jackson is still going as QB4. Meanwhile, New Orleans’ offense will also be much different but Kamara, currently with an overall ADP of fourth overall, is still going to be a major factor.