New Orleans Saints: Who is the Week 1 MVP for the team?

The New Orleans Saints thrashed the Packers in Week 1 but who stood out as the team MVP of the victors as they opened the 2021 season 1-0?

Week 1 has been full of surprises and none of us are more shocked at the outcome of the New Orleans Saints “hosting” the Green Bay Packers. With the team being displaced by Hurricane Ida, things looked a little touch-and-go. In addition to the powerhouse that is Aaron Rodgers, things were supposed to be neck-and-neck.

However, Week 1 for the New Orleans Saints ended up being a wash and this time, the Saints weren’t the ones being washed. Rather, the team absolutely dominated the Green Bay Packers and to put it nicely, made them look laughable. For those who got to see the game, the Saints looked like the powerhouse rather than the Packers.

Looking back at the stats, Jameis Winston really put on a show with a whopping five touchdowns for a surprisingly slim amount of yards at 148. Winston really put all of his doubters to rest with such an impressive performance. Additionally, the Saints’ defense finished the game with multiple interceptions and even, a recovered fumble before the game was over. To put it simply, the Saints absolutely crushed the Packers and never looked back.

Even with all of the Saints departures and players missing due to injury, the team looked excellent and already in post-season form. While I could be giving them too much credit, it doesn’t seem like it as the Saints were on fire. Each quarter, they came back bigger and stronger, but who deserves the credit more? Was Jameis Winston the game MVP or should it go to the Saints’ defense?

Which New Orleans Saints player was the team’s Week 1 MVP?

While some could argue that other Saints should be considered, there were only two who really stood out to me. Obviously, Jameis Winston was the first person to consider. As mentioned above, he really lit up the Packers and it was brutal. Maybe it was his break from being a starter, but Winston is looking like his former self. It was truly amazing to see him finally getting his time in the sun.

As for the defense, it’s hard to pinpoint one player. While it would be nice to just call the entire defense the MVP, that’s not exactly fair. Breaking it down even further, the three defensive guys who made a splash were easily Zack Baun for his multiple tackles while Marcus Williams and Paulson Adebo respectfully intercepted Aaron Rodgers. No doubt with those key takeaways, the Saints wouldn’t have had as much momentum.

However, the real MVP for the Saints in Week 1 has to be Jameis Winston. While some might disagree, it was clear that Winston feels confident and has the strength to lead the team. No one can replace Drew Brees, but Winston is doing incredibly well so far. Additionally, Winston is without some of Brees’ most-coveted weapons such as Michael Thomas. In the end, Winston put together such an impressive performance that my choice was a no-brainer.

As previously mentioned though, the entire Saints team really put together a tremendous effort on both offense and defense. The offensive line was stellar at giving Winston time while the defense was quick to shut down the run and make sure Rodgers and Jordan Love had the pressure put on them. While it’s only Week 1, the Saints are every bit as impressive as we hoped they would be.