Jacksonville Jaguars: Be wary of Urban Meyer’s USC comments?

Urban Meyer has stated that he will not leave the Jacksonville Jaguars for USC, but is he telling the truth, or is he hiding something?

After the USC Trojans fired head coach Clay Helton, thoughts began to surface about Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer taking over the role. At least for now, that notion has been put to rest.

In a press conference Wednesday, Meyer addressed the situation, citing his desire to stay in Jacksonville and help re-establish a winning culture that has not been seen since the franchises’ expansion days, highlighted by two appearances in the AFC Championship game.

It sounds well and good, but then again, this does require an additional check. Not because of a misquoted statement, but whether or not Meyer is sincere, that is, given his past of “health conditions” being a reason for an unexpected departure.

However, let’s not get too into this. Meyer is not Nick Saban, at least not yet, where he says something in a press conference about not going somewhere (Alabama) and then proceeds to do so. And in no way is Meyer resemblant of Bobby Petrino, who essentially quit on the Atlanta Falcons in 2007 just 13 games into his tenure.

Then again, when Meyer arrived in Jacksonville, questions like this emerged, and Meyer shot them down, meaning he is ready to invest in the Jaguars organization fully.

Urban Meyer made it clear he wants to rebuild Jacksonville, so we should believe his words.

It seems that Urban Meyer has turned over a new leaf and is ready to embrace rebuilding a franchise like the Jacksonville Jaguars, but this will most certainly take a lot of time to accomplish given the recent history.

The loss to Houston in Week 1 was the first loss in a regular-season game EVER for quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who is tied to the hip with Meyer. But both come from successful college programs and will be the key building blocks to the rebuilding project, provided, of course, they stick around long enough to see it come to fruition.

Urban Meyer’s not going anywhere, at least that’s what he said, and that being said, he still has a tall task in front of him in establishing a winning culture in Jacksonville.