Chiefs, Ravens trading absurd highlights, touchdowns on Sunday Night Football

The Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens often produce highlight-reel plays unlike any other teams, so it figures that they’re trading them in Week 2.

Whenever you get Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, two of the NFL’s elite playmakers at quarterback, on the field together, you should probably expect some fireworks. So fans were tuned into Sunday Night Football in Week 2 between the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs expecting quite the show.

The first half had some moments and big plays, to be sure. However, when the two star quarterbacks came out of the locker room after halftime, they were ready to make Sept. 19 look like July 4.

Mahomes and Chiefs wide receiver Byron Pringle got the festivities underway as the pass-catcher took a short grab, took on a host of defenders and beat them to the edge to take it to the house for a 40-yard touchdown:

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens answered with a wild jump-pass TD only to be matched by a crazy catch-and-run score for Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce

The speedy Ravens quarterback must’ve felt the need to answer. Facing pretty stout pressure from Kansas City, Jackson stepped up into the pocket when he saw Marquise Brown all alone in the open field. He didn’t waste any time (and perhaps took too little time) to get his man the ball as he channeled Tim Tebow with a jump pass that Brown easily took for the score:

On the very next drive, though, the Chiefs had one more trick up their sleeve. Namely, they had Travis Kelce. How the star tight end didn’t get tackled after taking a short pass from Mahomes remains to be seen, but he made the Ravens defense look like a Pop Warner team as he took it in for six:

Cancel the rest of the season. Just let the Chiefs and Ravens do this for 18 weeks straight. I think fans would end up being pretty happy if these are the results we’d get from that.