Chicago Bears: 5 Thoughts on Week 4 victory over Detroit Lions

Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images
Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images /
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Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images
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1. Justin Fields sure looked like a starting quarterback

In his press conference, Nagy continued to infuriate Chicago Bears Nation with his handling of the quarterback situation. He announced that, when healthy, Andy Dalton would continue to be the starting quarterback. Nagy had a perfect opportunity to put his ego to the side and compliment Lazor and Fields for their success. Instead, he decided to announce that even though he wasn’t calling plays, everything went through him. Then, to make matters worse, he made the Dalton announcement.

That announcement did not go well with fans or with NFL analysts. The fans, instead of enjoying a big victory for over a day, had their blood pressure rise. They again blasted Nagy. ESPN NFL analyst Ryan Clark ripped into Nagy.

"Hey, guys, I didn’t call none of these plays, even though I did last week. But guess what? All this comes back to me. I did all the right stuff as the head coach. I sucked last week and I almost got this young man killed. Y’all wanted to fire him. He shouldn’t have been drafted at 11. This week. I ain’t calling plays, but everything came back to me. I OK’d everything that Bill Lazor said. Me, me, me, me, me, me. Man, shut the hell up."

To have Fields go back to the bench after watching him in this game is criminal. Fields showed that the game isn’t overwhelming to him. He’s ready for anything to come his way. Things couldn’t have gone worse for him in Week 3 yet he was ready to get back at it and have a good performance in Week 4. He did just that.

While some will criticize the rookie for not having a touchdown pass, he made some beautiful passes downfield. One of the criticisms of the passing game with Mitchell Trubisky was his trouble with the deep ball. He was among the worst deep passers in the league.

When the Bears drafted Fields, one of the great things about him was his deep ball accuracy. That accuracy was on display against the Lions.

The main recipient of Fields’ beautiful passes was Darnell Mooney. He finished the game with five catches for 125 yards. Fields threw him some great passes and he took advantage of the opportunities.

There was another perfect throw that FIelds made, this time to Allen Robinson. He threw the pass between two Lions defenders and put it where only Robinson could catch it.

Those great throws by Fields add to the hope Chicago Bears fans have for him. He came in as a confident quarterback with skills we haven’t seen from any Bears quarterback and he’s showing that he’s exactly that.

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With Lazor utilizing all of Fields’ tools, the young quarterback will only get better. To just have him banished to the bench again and coming in for a couple of handoffs is a waste of his talents and hurts the kid’s development. It’ll be interesting to see if Nagy does actually sit Fields down again. We are talking about Matt Nagy, however, and we all now know it’s all about him and his man-crush on Dalton.