2021 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 5

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Tennessee Titans (2-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4)

Sunday, October 10, 1PM ET

Upset of the week? Possibly. Then again, with the way the Tennessee Titans have played this year, I wouldn’t necessarily call this an upset. Despite their 2-2 record, the Titans have been a shell of the team I expected them to be coming into the season.

Meanwhile, the Jacksonville Jaguars have slowly been improving week over week. Obviously, that hasn’t culminated in a win yet, but this team has enough talent and coaching to notch at least a few wins in 2021. Maybe the first win of the Urban Meyer/Trevor Lawrence era will come against the Titans in Week 5.

There’s just no sense in how erratic the Titans have been this year. On paper, they’re one of the most talented offenses in the league with plenty of skill on the defensive end as well. It’s just not showing up on Sundays outside of Derrick Henry. We saw a prime example of that last weekend when they fell in overtime to the Jets.

It all finally clicks for Lawrence, who has his first big NFL game. Meyer shrugs off the current off-the-field drama and leads the Jaguars to their first victory of 2021, proving that he can in fact win at the professional level. And we all start to wonder if the Titans aren’t already worth counting out.

Prediction: Jaguars win 31-27 | Spread: Titans (-4)