Jon Gruden resigns: 5 Replacements Raiders can hire in 2022

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Jon Gruden replacements Raiders
Nathaniel Hackett. Mandatory Credit: USA Today Sports/PackersNews /

4. Nathaniel Hackett

Current Role: Packers Offensive Coordinator

Unlike the other four names here, Nathaniel Hackett wouldn’t be the sexiest pick to replace Jon Gruden as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. There aren’t any people calling him a genius or the next big thing. However, the current Packers OC working under Matt LaFleur has one thing working for him that fans of the silver and black would love to see: Everywhere he goes, the offense just seems to be the best possible version of themselves.

Whether it was working with Blake Bortles in Jacksonville and making him the leader of a not-just-competent but quality offense or doing similar things elsewhere or helping lead Aaron Rodgers into the later stages of his career with aplomb, Hackett has quietly been a magic worker when it comes to offenses. It would be exciting to see what he could do given the opportunity in Las Vegas with the weapons that are in place.

3. Lincoln Riley

Current Role: Oklahoma Sooners Head Coach

Considering that Lincoln Riley has been a hot name to make the jump from the college ranks to the NFL but has seemingly never come close to taking the plunge, this might seem pie in the sky. Then again, if there’s one of a few teams that could possibly pull it off, the Raiders are one of them.

Put simply, team owner Mark Davis has never remotely had an issue with hiring or signing someone who will steal the most headlines and bring the most flash. Branded as another offensive genius, Riley would undoubtedly do that as him joining the silver and black would be a move that would draw every NFL fan’s attention.

How Riley would fare remains to be seen but his pedigree with the Sooners suggests that he could breathe new life into the Raiders. And that’s certainly what they’ll need after this season.