Chicago Bears: 5 Thoughts on big victory over Las Vegas Raiders

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Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears
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2. Nagy does a good job of keeping his players focused during tough times

Nagy has his struggles as a coach. Despite being recruited as an offensive genius, things haven’t turned out well for his offense during his tenure in Chicago. The offense cannot get out of the bottom of nearly all the offensive categories.

Playcalling has been Nagy’s Achilles heel. His plays may be good, but his timing is off. Also, putting his players in a successful situation has been hit and miss with him.

Let’s not even go into how he handled the whole QB1 situation with Andy Dalton and Fields. He insisted on having Dalton start despite people around the league calling for Fields.

For all of Nagy’s troubles, he is a very good motivator. The players love him. The owners and front office love him as well. It’s amazing that he’s been in trouble on a number of occasions, only to turn things around and give him additional time to improve.

That is what he did last season when the Bears went on a six-game losing streak. As the losses piled on, the players still played hard for him. Four of the six games in the losing streak were decided by just one score. In fact, when it seemed like all hope for a playoff berth was dashed, the Bears started winning and just got in.

Yes, part of the reason was that he gave up playcalling. He had to make that difficult decision and he did.

The same thing happened this season. While the entire NFL world called for Fields to start, he was adamant about having Dalton instead. When the chips were down, however, he made the decision to go with Fields. Did he have help making the decision? Sure, but he still made it. Just like he made the decision again to give up playcalling.

Analysts around the league talked about Nagy losing the locker room. That hasn’t happened, however. The players could have shut down after having two debacles in the first three weeks of the season. Somehow, Nagy kept the players focused and playing hard. That hard work paid off with a great upset win in Vegas. Now let’s see how the season progresses after this.