15 bold predictions for NFL Week 6: Jaguars win, Herbert beats Lamar

Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL, Trevor Lawrence
Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL, Trevor Lawrence /
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NFL, Jacksonville Jaguars, Trevor Lawrence
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) NFL /

13. Trevor Lawrence leads Jags to win no. 1 in 2021 NFL season

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the most dysfunctional teams in the NFL right now, but they have Trevor Lawrence.

At some point, simply the presence of Lawrence and his natural progression over the course of the year is going to likely account for a win or two.

The Jaguars have a “home” game in London this weekend against the Miami Dolphins, who have completely regressed from the team we saw last season.

The Jags get win number one in London this weekend.

12. Panthers QB Sam Darnold goes off for 4 TDs vs. Vikings in NFL Week 6

Sam Darnold has, unfortunately, been on a bit of a tear…in the interception department.

In the last two games, he has five interceptions and has also been sacked eight times.

Against the Minnesota Vikings, Darnold will get off the interception train and jump back on the TD train with arguably the best performance of his career as the Panthers continue to establish themselves as a legit threat in the NFC South.