Chicago Bears: 5 Players who need to play well to beat Packers in Week 6

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Alex Bars, Chicago Bears
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Chicago Bears: 5 players that must step up to beat the Packers

He adds a lot of help to the offensive line

One of the biggest moves made last week went mostly unnoticed. The Chicago Bears offensive line has been maligned. Whenever anything goes wrong for the offense, the fingers usually end up pointing to the line.

To help the offensive line, the coaches added an offensive lineman. Yes, I know there should only be five offensive linemen. However, the Bears used reserve lineman Alex Bars to help. He came in as an eligible receiver. Basically, he was playing the tight end role.

Instead of going out for passes, though, he came in just to block. He was instrumental in the running backs having a big day. He also got to pass block a couple of times and he won both times.

I’m sure that the Packers will study that move during their film sessions. I also expect the Bears to come up with some wrinkles. Perhaps mix in more pass blocking situations for him. He was used almost exclusively as a run blocker against the Raiders. That could give the Packers a clue. Add in some pass plays.

Don’t be surprised if the Bears call a pass play for Bars. Remember, in 2018 they had a play called “Santa’s Sleigh” that had tackle Bradley Sowell go out for a touchdown pass against the Los Angeles Rams. It ended up being the only touchdown of the game. Perhaps the Bears call that play against their hated rivals.

If Bars can duplicate his success from last week the Bears will again be able to have some long drives and eat time off the clock. The more they keep Rodgers on the bench the better it’ll be for Chicago.