Chicago Bears: McCaskeys need to change things and fire Nagy now

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Instead of doing what they always do, the Chicago Bears owners need to change and stop allowing things to completely collapse by firing head coach Matt Nagy immediately.

Things around the Chicago Bears have gone from bad to worse. After the team suffered their worst defeat under head coach Matt Nagy, there aren’t many of his defenders left. Fans and analysts alike are calling for his dismissal.

Nagy came to Chicago with the reputation of having a great offensive mind. So far, however, that hasn’t happened. The Bears consistently rank at or near the bottom of nearly every offensive category.

Additionally, the supposed quarterback whisperer has had Mitchell Trubisky, Chase Daniel, Tyler Bray, Nick Foles, Andy Dalton, and Justin FIelds as his quarterbacks with not much success. He came in to help second-year player Trubisky to develop him. That didn’t happen and now he’s riding the bench in Buffalo as Josh Allen‘s backup.

Now Nagy has a second chance with Fields. Fields is immensely more talented than Trubisky, but as a rookie he still needs development. Things have been rough between them from the start. Since the Bears had Dalton, Nagy wanted the veteran to start no matter what.

Even when Fields came in and started after Dalton suffered a knee injury, Nagy announced that FIelds would be back on the bench when Dalton got healthy. That didn’t go over well and later Nagy reversed course and announced Fields as the starter going forward.

Despite having Fields start, it seems that Nagy doesn’t trust the rookie. He hasn’t utilized his skills with the poor game planning and has made no in-game adjustments to help the youngster.

Chicago Bears Nation grows impatient

With all the offensive struggles and with how he mishandled Fields, the fans in Chicago have grown weary of Nagy. Now, in addition to the above-mentioned problems, Nagy’s troubles are affecting his on-field decisions.

In the loss against the Green Bay Packers, Nagy challenged the officials’ placement of the ball that gave Green Bay a first down. Before that, though, he called a timeout. He then challenged and won. However, it still cost him a timeout, something that would have happened if he just challenged and lost. Had he lost, he would be out two timeouts.

Last week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Fields mentioned in his postgame press conference that he was told in his headset that the Bucs had 12 men on the field. Fields called for a quick count to get a free play. There was no flag, however, and the pass Fields threw was intercepted.

The players under Nagy seem to be losing discipline as well. Against the Bucs, Bilal Nichols threw a punch and was ejected. He was the third Bears player to get ejected from a game since Week 8 of last season.

In addition to the ejections, there has been an increase in penalties. Not just the number (they average six penalties a game) but when they commit them. Too many times, they’ve had penalties cause the end of promising drives or extend the opponent’s drives.

People might look at his record of 31-24 and two playoff appearances and think he’s been pretty successful. However, a closer look tells you otherwise. Against teams with winning records, the Bears under him are 5-22. Nagy does a good job of beating up on the weaker teams. His teams really struggle against average and good teams.

Despite the growing chorus calling for Nagy’s firing, one thing is clear — the Chicago Bears players really love playing for him. He spoke about how close he and the players are.

"The last couple of days with our team, we’ve become really close. For us to become as close as we have the last 24-48 hours, I just trust and believe in them. And they’ve done it before. Our guys have rebounded before and I just know from our discussion in [the locker room] and where we’re at right now as fighters and people and teammates."

However, if they can’t score points and win games it won’t matter. Whether they love him or not, his time in Chicago should end.

The McCaskeys need to step up

With things falling apart around them, the McCaskey family needs to step up and do what is necessary. They haven’t fired a head coach in-season during the history of the franchise. That needs to end. They can’t be sitting down enjoying champagne and caviar while Rome is burning.

The Chicago Bears is a franchise that has a proud history. The team has now become an irrelevant laughingstock. This is not what they envisioned.

It’s time for George McCaskey to pull the trigger on Nagy’s firing and do it immediately. Keeping Nagy will result in things getting even worse. Furthermore, it risks Fields’ development. It also risks their opportunity to get a leg up on other teams in their search for a new head coach. If they wait until the offseason, they’ll have to fight with other teams for quality candidates.

Once they fire Nagy they can do their due diligence and be among the first teams to interview and get those candidates.

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The McCaskeys have allowed this foolishness to continue for too long. It’s time for them to finally take the steps to bring back the pride of the Chicago Bears and make them serious contenders once again.