Chicago Bears: Fields’ confidence still at full strength despite struggles

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Despite the Chicago Bears’ struggles offensively, quarterback Justin Fields says he feels a breakout coming soon.

As has been the case for quite some time, the Chicago Bears are having offensive struggles. They rank 30th in points scored, last in offensive yards, and 22nd in turnovers. In the passing game, they rank last in both passing yards and passing touchdowns and 25th in interceptions.

The fans are growing weary of always having to see such a poor offense. Having that happen, they keep seeing mediocre teams. No matter how great a defense is if the offense can’t score it won’t matter.

The rookie quarterback is in a position he hasn’t been in. In college, he was 20-2 overall and 15-0 in conference play. With the Bears, he already has three losses.

Chicago Bears: Fields’ confidence still at full strength despite struggles

Despite the struggles, Fields still has confidence in his team. The offense will have a breakout game soon, according to him.

"I think we’re very close to having a breakout game. All we need to do is put the little plays together, put all of our positive plays together and come up with multiple TD-scoring drives. So like I said, we’re close…I can feel it. Just feel it. You just have those feelings. You just feel it. It’s coming."

Well, Fields has much more confidence in his offense than the rest of us have. With all things being the same, i.e, head coach Matt Nagy still leading the team, there isn’t much hope that things will change anytime soon.

This is a great attitude for your quarterback to have, however. This is one of the reasons the Chicago Bears drafted him. No matter how much things go awry, He’s had only two touchdowns in five starts. His offensive line has him running for his life. His coaches have consistently failed him. Despite all of that, he still has the confidence to predict a breakout game.

It will be really fun if and when the Chicago Bears surround Fields with better talent. With his attitude and skills, he doesn’t even need great players around him. If he has just good players, he can take care of the rest.

Seeing the way a leader handles himself through all this adversity becomes infectious. If he mopes and complains, it spreads. If he stands tall and keeps his confidence, it also spreads.

We see that with FIelds. Yes, the offense is struggling. However, when FIelds gets knocked down, he gets back up and keeps playing hard. We see that with Fields’ teammates. Yes, they’re getting beat, but they keep playing hard.

That happened in Tampa when the Bears were getting blown out by the Bucs. The defense had two occasions in the fourth quarter where the Bucs were inside the Bears’ five-yard line. On the first time, they forced a fumble on the one-yard line. On the second time, they forced a field goal.

We also see FIelds’ receivers take his attitude. Darnell Mooney echoed Fields’ sentiments.

"We didn’t win, we didn’t get what we wanted to get out of it, but you definitely see and definitely understand there’s something there. Things are going to eventually pop, and when it does, it’s going to be extremely fun."

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Yes, things are bad with the offense at the moment. However, we’re seeing Fields the leader in action. Once he has better talent around him, and a better coaching staff, we’ll see him accomplish things we’ve never seen from a Chicago Bears quarterback before.