Broncos: Why almost every player should be available for the trade deadline

Denver Broncos cornerback Kyle Fuller. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos cornerback Kyle Fuller. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

With the way this Broncos season has shaped up so far, almost every player should be available for the trade deadline

If you had to predict how the Denver Broncos would attack the trade deadline before the beginning of this season, you would likely assume the Broncos would be buyers. Denver made plenty of moves this off-season as they brought in the lives of Kyle Fuller, Teddy Bridgewater, and Ronald Darby amongst others.

Not only did the Broncos have the attention of fans, but they had the attention of a key player as well. If you somehow didn’t hear about it by now, Aaron Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay, and one place that was heavily linked with Rodgers was Denver.

Even if you had to predict how the Broncos would attack the trade deadline after their first three games, you would be even more confident in them being buyers as the Broncos beat the Giants, Jaguars, and the Jets.

Broncos: Why almost every player should be available for the trade deadline

While the Broncos made plenty of moves in the off-season, had the attention of one of the greatest QB’s in the history of the NFL, and started off their season on fire, everything quickly came apart. Denver started 3-0, but have gone 1-4 in October with an ugly win against the Washington Football Team in their last game before the trade deadline.

Kyle Fuller and Ronald Darby have been duds in the secondary and since this off-season, Aaron Rodgers has defeated the last undefeated team in the NFL, convinced the Packers to trade for his best friend in Randell Cobb, seems the happiest he has ever been, and now is an owner of an NFL team in the Chicago Bears.

Now it goes without saying, but this is likely one of the worst things that could have happened to the Broncos. After looking to still be in a great position to trade for Rodgers, they lost four in a row and likely aren’t in a position to trade Rodgers now or in the near future which leaves them in a weird position of being somewhat unsure of how they should attack the trade deadline, but ultimately, almost everybody on this Broncos roster should be available.

I know it will hurt Denver fans after a very hopeful off-season, but being sellers at the trade deadline is ultimately the best thing to do. For starters, the Broncos schedule gets pretty tough from here on out as the Broncos still have to face the Chiefs and Chargers twice and also have to play against the Bengals and Cowboys.

One other key reason why a lot of this Broncos roster should be available is because of how this roster is currently constructed. Thanks in part to this off-season, this Broncos roster is built to compete now, but the problem with that is they aren’t really competing. The acquisitions of Bridgewater, Fuller, and Darby were supposed to help push Denver into the playoff scene, but that has fallen flat as Denver will be lucky to finish with seven wins by the end of the season

The main players who should be available are almost everybody on this roster. Yes, I know I have said that same sentence already, but in reality, Denver should be willing to part with almost anybody on this roster if the right deal comes in. The only players who should be unavailable are the core young players like Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton amongst a few others.

While its a possibility that some key players like Bryce Callahan, Tim Patrick, Kareem Jackson, Melvin Gordon, and yes, even Von Miller will possibly be traded, it’s ultimately the correct way to go about things because if the Broncos do end up holding onto these players and not trading some away, they will be wasting the opportunity to get something out of them as many will likely be hitting free agency after this season.

I know it will hurt to see some of these players leave the team, but for the future of the Broncos, it’s the right thing to do.