Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions doesn’t matter until the end of the game

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

Rumors are rampant that no matter what the Chicago Bears do against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving the team will fire head coach Matt Nagy. That makes what happens after the game more important than the game itself.

As soon as the Chicago Bears lost their game to the Baltimore Ravens things have been getting worse. They lost a game to a backup quarterback and the defense suffered another late-game collapse. Additionally, the offense continues to struggle.

While the negativity surrounding the Bears has been around for quite some time now, it seems that after their latest loss it’s been ramped up. Things are so bad around Halas Hall now that even the McCaskeys might see that they have to rid themselves of head coach Matt Nagy now rather than later.

After Monday’s reports that the overwhelming majority of players want the team to fire Nagy, there were others on Tuesday that said the McCaskeys were fed up. They supposedly told Nagy that regardless of the outcome of their Thanksgiving Day matchup against the Detroit Lions he would no longer be the head coach.

Chicago Bears HC Matt Nagy denies firing rumors

When he spoke with reporters on Tuesday, Nagy denied he talked with ownership.

"I have great communication with ownership, with George (McCaskey), (President) Ted (Phillips) and (general manager) Ryan (Pace), but I have not had any discussions. We have not talked this week, and that was scheduled. We have constant communication — I always think it’s good and healthy — and we stayed on course with the bye week, and with the short turnaround with game prep, we have not (talked)."

However, Nagy did meet with ownership later and then canceled all meetings scheduled for the rest of the day. When asked if the team gave him assurances that his job was safe for the rest of the season, he didn’t answer the question. He apparently didn’t address the issue with the players, either. That didn’t give off good vibes at all.

When word got around about the possible firing, it caused a stir. Fans who have called for his dismissal for the last two seasons now have a sign that their wishes may come to fruition soon. There have been “Fire Nagy” chants at Soldier Field, at the United Center during their recent game, and even at Nagy’s son’s football game. While the fans are entitled to express their displeasure, doing so at the coach’s son’s game is a bit too much.

It’s worth noting that the Chicago Bears front office had no comment on anything that happened on Tuesday. CEO George McCaskey, President Ted Phillips, and general manager Ryan Pace were not made available for comment, basically leaving Nagy out on an island.

Now, the game on Thursday is of no consequence. Throughout the game, fans and analysts will only think about what will happen after the game, not what happens during it. The prevailing thought will be about how long it will take for the Bears to formally announce the firing. Will it be immediately after the game, or will they wait until after the Sunday games?

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This Bears vs. Lions game didn’t exactly make the audience feel excited. What happens after, however, will likely have more intensity and intrigue than anything that happens during the game. Now, let’s see if the Chicago Bears decide to do nothing and see what happens.