Chicago Bears: Will Matt Nagy do McCaskeys’ dirty work for them?

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy - Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy - Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears spent a week dealing with speculations on the status of head coach Matt Nagy. Nothing happened, however. Could he resign, actually doing the McCaskeys’ dirty work for them?

Well, the Chicago Bears had a tumultuous Week 12. First, there were reports that most of the players want the team to fire head coach Matt Nagy. That caused a big stir until the next day when another bombshell report came out saying that the team owners, the McCaskeys, would fire Nagy no matter the outcome of their game against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.

The Bears struggled against the winless Lions, but they ultimately beat them on a last-second field goal.

Just before the game the team CEO, George McCaskey, supposedly spoke to the players to deny the firing. He also spoke to certain media personnel to push that same story.

As we all know, the Chicago Bears have never fired a head coach in the middle of the season. Had they done so last week, it would have been an incredible feat. They didn’t, however, and now we all have to sit and wait for the inevitable to happen.

Make no bones about it, at this point, the Bears have to fire Nagy. If not, there will be a firestorm of protest from fans and criticism across the league. With the”Fire Nagy” going strong on social media, and the chants happening at Soldier Field, at Chicago Bulls games, and even at Nagy’s son’s football game, the writing is on the wall. It’s just a question of when, and not if.

Now we’re left with rumors of the Nagy firing coming at the end of the season like it’s always been with the Bears. That means we have to continue to see the team struggle and get worse for another month and a half.

Or do we? Since there aren’t too many reports to keep track of, here is another. What if Nagy takes the McCaskeys off the hook and fires himself?

There is a new rule in the NFL that allows teams to fire coaches just a few weeks before the end of the season. That allows them to get the work in on finding replacements before the playoffs. It would be an advantage for the Bears to get the work in early. If they wait until the season ends, they’ll be behind and possibly lose out on good candidates.

The McCaskeys are like a slow-moving glacier so they’re good with waiting. It’s their thing. Nagy could, however, do them a favor and do the dirty work himself. He could resign before the end of the season, allowing the McCaskeys to start the work without changing their ways.

After Nagy denied the firing rumors he did meet with ownership. He then met with the players before canceling walk-throughs and meetings for the rest of the day.

"Nagy did meet with ownership, according to sources. Those sources said Nagy told players that it was about them moving forward and that no one knows what tomorrow will bring."

It appears that the team will indeed move on from Nagy. Having him resign to avoid ownership from doing it before the end of the season is such a McCaskey thing to do.

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The Chicago Bears may end the failure of Nagy’s tenure with the franchise but they continue to show that more failures are on the way. The way they handled this situation and how they botched others show that if the McCaskeys take charge of the next hiring they’ll just have more of the same dysfunction.