Every NFL stadium ranked from worst to best

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AT&T Stadium
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What makes an NFL stadium a great one? Is it the crazed fans that scream and shout at opposing players while giving them the finger? Maybe it’s the overpriced hotdogs and beers. Better yet, maybe the best NFL stadiums have all of the state of the art features or maybe it holds some of the best memories around.

No, we’re sorry. The best NFL stadiums contain the absolute best tailgating scenes. Piles of food, and wild views in the parking lot.

Truth be told, the best NFL stadiums have a little bit of everything. From long-standing traditions to amazing sights when the game is going on, fans pull in and pay their hard-earned cash for all of the above. But while finding the characteristics of the best stadiums is pretty easy, there are a ton of flat-out awful ones.

Remember, this is the NFL we’re talking about here, so more times than not, regardless of the stadium, fans will fill the seats anyways. Still, we aren’t giving any points to those franchisees who’ve left those million-dollar structures in bad shape.

So which NFL stadiums should rank as the best of the best? Also, which should be considered absolutely horrific? It’s time to find out.