Every NFL stadium ranked from worst to best

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Empower Field
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Every NFL stadium ranked from worst to best: 18. Empower Field

It’s been a rocky road for the Denver Broncos for the past two decades. From 2016 to 2020, they’ve failed to make the playoffs. Then, from 2011-2015, the Broncos made five straight playoff appearances, including two Super Bowl trips and winning one in 2015.

Then, from 2006-2010, the Broncos failed to make the playoffs again. Of course, as you can see by our pattern, the Broncos made three straight playoff trips from 2003-2005.

The Broncos have been the definition of inconsistent. But, the one thing they could always depend on is the fans showing up and getting loud. For years on end, the Broncos have had the luxury of having their Empower Field ranked as one of the most jam-packed in the entire league.

The stadium itself doesn’t present anything out of the ordinary in terms of physical features. Also, the tailgating scene isn’t one of the more ballyhooed. With that said, the Broncos is possibly the most difficult place to play. The stadium is 5,280 feet above sea level. So while the opposition is huffing and puffing on the field, they also have to deal with an unbearable crowd.