Every NFL stadium ranked from worst to best

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Gillette Stadium
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Every NFL stadium ranked from worst to best: 15. Gillette Stadium

For most of these stadiums, we’ve sat back and paid attention to what it offers. Some are great tailgating scenes. Others, though, offer terrific seats and amenities. For the New England Patriots and their fans at Gillette Stadium, their placement on this list has nothing to do with their stadium per se. Now, of course, Gillette isn’t some raggedy-down stadium. In fact, it has character.

The Jumbotron is state of the art, the food is great, the tailgating scene is one of the best and the overall atmosphere is pretty awesome. But, more than anything, Gillette is known for winning, winning, and more winning.

Thanks to quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick, seemingly every year, the Patriots had a chance to win it all.

The franchise has made 11 Super Bowl appearances. Pocketed six rings, countless divisional championships and has rarely seen a losing record.

Gillette Stadium has an aura about it. An invincible one. It’s an iconic venue that’s used to winning at the highest level. Nothing more, nothing less.