Every NFL stadium ranked from worst to best

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Every NFL stadium ranked from worst to best: 13. NRG Stadium

The NRG Stadium, particularly at night, has one of the most gorgeous appearances in the NFL. With several open-faced windows plastered on the front, it can be beautiful when approaching. The interior isn’t bad either, with its huge Jumbotron and ability to house over 72,000 fans, NRG has it all. Well, everything other than a winning football team.

The Houston Texans have simply struggled to put a winning and consistent lineup on the field. The franchise did appear to be on its way up most recently. After drafting quarterback Deshaun Watson in 2017, the franchise looked promising. They recorded back-to-back double-digit winning seasons in 2018 and 2019 to go along with making consecutive trips to the playoffs. However, they did flame out quickly.

Now, the franchise is stuck in limbo with Watson as he wants out. Fans will have to get comfortable with losing for a while but at least they can find solace in knowing their building was the first retractable roof in NFL history.