Every NFL stadium ranked from worst to best

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Soldier Field
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Every NFL stadium ranked from worst to best: 27. Soldier Field

Soldier Field isn’t the most eye-catching stadium in the league. In fact, it might be considered one of the worst.

The stadium is a mixture between an old, tattered-down building and a newly renovated one. That mixture leaves us a bit ambivalent towards the entire structure.

In addition to the entire weird feel of Soldier Field, the team itself is underperforming. In actuality, they’ve underachieved for a number of years now.

The fan experience isn’t a terrible one. The amenities are fine, the tailgating is pretty good, and overall, fans really enjoy themselves. With that said, players can’t say the same. Time and time again, the Bears playing field has been castigated for its condition. In short, it’s an injury waiting to happen.

Fans might view Soldier field as a solid place to watch a ball game but the players hate it.