Chicago Bears: 5 Free agents who won’t return in 2022

NFL Free Agency 2022 - Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images
NFL Free Agency 2022 - Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images /
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Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears – Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images /

The Chicago Bears have a multitude of players set to hit free agency in 2022. Here are five of them who definitely won’t return.

Talks surrounding the Chicago Bears these days involve the overhaul of the front office and the coaching staff. General manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy are sitting on fiery hot seats.

Nagy failed to develop a winning team with the roster of players he had. The offensive guru struggled to develop an average offense. His teams consistently finish at or near the bottom in nearly every offensive category. Additionally, he had two young quarterbacks he could have developed but failed to do so. With the team struggling again this season, calls for his firing have gotten louder.

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Pace might feel a little less of the heat, but he shouldn’t feel that way. He is the architect of this subpar roster. Yes, he’s had some hits, but he hasn’t had enough of them to field a competitive team. This is his seventh season as general manager but he fielded only one winning team.

While Pace and Nagy grab all the attention, there is something else that is going unnoticed. This roster will look completely different in 2022. The team has 31 potential free agents so some key decisions have to be made. The Bears are set up to rebuild quickly.

Do the Bears trust Pace and/or Nagy to handle the turnover? That’s a question we’ll find out soon enough. We all know how the fans feel.

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