Chicago Bears: Storylines to watch in game against Green Bay Packers

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Chicago Bears
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The Chicago Bears hit the road to take on the hated Green Bay Packers. Here are some storylines to follow in the game.

Well, the Chicago Bears‘ season continues. Despite all the injuries and the dysfunction surrounding the team, the games continue. This week, they hit the road to take on their hated rivals, the Green Bay Packers.

Of course, we spend this entire week regurgitating the facts and figures of how much the Packers dominate the Bears. Since 1992, the Packers have a 44-15 record against the Bears with just two quarterbacks — Brett Favre (22-10) and Aaron Rodgers (22-5).

In that time there have been many heartbreaking moments. Also, there have been quite a few coaches who had the nail on their coffin hit by the Packers.

What should Chicago Bears fans be watching for vs. Packers?

The Packers have a history of finishing off Bears coaches on the hot seat. Remember in 2014 when the infamous Marc Trestman was in charge of a hapless Chicago Bears team? Well, they faced the Packers and Aaron Rodgers threw four touchdown passes in the second quarter. The Packers had a 42-0 halftime lead on their way to a 55-14 drubbing of the Bears. Trestman was pretty much a dead man walking from that point forward.

In 2017, it was John Fox’s turn. He was at the helm of another struggling Bears offense. There was the play in which Benny Cunningham ran the ball to the pylon and out of bounds. Fox challenged the call, feeling that Cunningham hit the pylon. Under review, the officials found that he actually fumbled before hitting the pylon. That meant that instead of having the ball on Green Bay’s half-yard line, the Packers got the ball on a touchback. To this day, Fox still gets clowned for it.

The latest Bears’ head coach on the hot seat is Matt Nagy. He’s having another struggling offense on his hands. Will the Packers produce another embarrassing moment for the Bears? We’ll see. At any rate, here are some storylines to look for in the game.