Chicago Bears: Storylines to watch in game against Green Bay Packers

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Chicago Bears
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The Bears need to control the clock

One way to ensure Rodgers doesn’t continually make big plays against you is to keep him on the bench. If the Bears can control the clock and have Rodgers watch instead of throw then they have a chance.

That means that the Bears’ running game has to come through. Their running attack ranks ninth in the league so it is a good one. Now that Justin Fields is back, he can add to the totals.

David Montgomery is on pace for 920 yards this season despite missing four games due to a knee sprain. He carried the offense last week against the Arizona Cardinals. He had 141 all-purpose yards and a touchdown. His yards made up 43 percent of the yards.

The Bears have shown that they could take the ball and play keep away from the opponent. In their victory against the Detroit Lions, they held the ball for the final 8:30 of the game and then got a game-winning field goal as time expired.

In their game against the Cardinals, the Bears had multiple drives that took a lot of time. In the first quarter, they had a drive that lasted 7:04 and another for 7:49. The first one ended up in an interception while the second resulted in a touchdown. In the third quarter, they had another touchdown drive that took 7:03 off the clock. That was three drives that used up about 22 minutes in a game they had the ball for over 34 minutes.

Now, in order for this to work, these drives have to finish with touchdowns. With Rodgers, the Packers will have their fair share of touchdowns so hitting field goals won’t be of help. Also, they have to have more of those drives and not have those three-and-outs that last 30 seconds.