Jimmy Garoppolo proved Kyle Shanahan right in 49ers win

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10): Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10): Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /

The San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback is often maligned for his mediocre play, but on Sunday night Garoppolo delivered with poise when the team needed him.

Let me set the stage: for the entire game, Jimmy Garoppolo played well enough to lead the offense on scoring drives when the defense set them up. And that’s what was happening – the San Francisco 49ers played lights-out defense for three quarters shutting down the Cincinnati Bengals’ offense.

But the 49ers’ defense could only hold off Joe Burrow and the Ja’Marr Chase for so long who came roaring back in the second half to tie the game with just 1:15 left in the fourth quarter.

So, Garoppolo and company’s good play in the first half had provided just enough points to give them a chance to score on a game-winning drive including this fantastic throw and catch to superstar tight end George Kittle:

But then kicker Robbie Gould missed the kick as the clock went to triple digits and overtime commenced. The Bengals were on fire and the 49ers appeared to be dwindling.

And the Bengals won the coin toss and got the ball which they led on an efficient drive to a field goal going up 23-20. So, the stage is set: Jimmy Garoppolo must lead a 49ers offense that hasn’t done much of anything for the past 30 minutes of play.

And check out for yourself just how well he played.

With this win and the Washington Football Team’s loss, the 49ers are setting themselves up well for an opportunity to play in January. And the last time Garoppolo and the 49ers made the playoffs, they made it to the Super Bowl.

There has been speculation all year as to why the 49ers traded three first-round picks to draft Trey Lance and yet have not played him save one game when Garoppolo was hurt.

But this game surely solidified the priors in head coach Kyle Shanahan’s mind. Experience is a very real thing in the NFL, especially when your backup is a rookie who only played one game last season. The 49ers are betting on a quarterback who has been there before and this past Sunday, that quarterback just might have given his team another shot at the Super Bowl.