2021 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 16

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NFL picks and predictions, Week 16
NFL picks and predictions, Week 16 Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images /

Washington Football Team (6-7) at Dallas Cowboys (10-4)

Sunday, December 26, 8:20PM ET

In all honesty, the Washington Football Team has been a fun story to follow this season. The emergence of Taylor Heinicke as a capable starter, the development of their young talent, and the win streak — it’s all been great. It’s just too bad it won’t amount to much in the end.

Well, that’s not necessarily true. Even after they lose to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 15, the Football Team will likely still be in the mix for the final playoff spot in the NFC. It’s probably going to take some help from outside sources, but that’s beyond the point. What is the point is that the Cowboys will emergence victorious this upcoming Sunday.

Yes, the Dallas offense has sputtered a bit in recent weeks. Some might even say Dak Prescott is suffering from a slump of sorts. While that may be the case, the Cowboys are still finding ways to win. If you had to assign credit somewhere, it would likely go to their defense, which has been making up for the lack of production on the offensive end.

So look for the Dallas D to dominate in this one, not allowing Washington to do much outside of a touchdown or two. Prescott has a solid game, Ezekiel Elliott gets going on the ground, and Trevon Diggs snags one more interception to add to his collection.

Prediction: Cowboys win 34-16 | Spread: Cowboys (-10.5)