The good, bad, and ugly from the Chicago Bears loss to the Vikings

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Chicago Bears
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The Bad: Offense and Justin Fields

The Chicago Bears offense has mixed it up this season. The unit alternates between bad and ugly all year. On Monday night it was especially bad.

The Bears had five trips into the red zone yet finished with one touchdown, which happened on the last play of the game. The Bears outgained the Vikings 370 yards to 193. However, they kept shooting themselves on the foot with costly mistakes.

The Bears started on Minnesota’s side two times and started around midfield another two times. They weren’t able to take advantage of that.

Justin Fields had another bad game. Yes, he hasn’t had the proper coaching this season from Nagy and company, but sometimes his mistakes are more than just rookie mistakes.

Again, Fields played loose with the ball. He fumbled twice, losing one of them. For the season, he has fumbled 12 times and lost five of them. Ball security is something he sorely needs to work on. He keeps the ball away from his body too much and that makes him susceptible to fumbles.

This is something he can change himself and not depend on the coaching staff to tell him. He isn’t in college anymore and the NFL is filled with athletic players who can make plays. He needs to protect the ball a lot better than he currently does.