Chicago Bears 5 Possible replacements for GM Ryan Pace

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While Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy is surely on his way out, general manager Ryan Pace, the one who hired him and the architect of this struggling roster, could go as well. Here are some possible replacements.

As the Chicago Bears continue their downfall this season (they are 4-10 and picking their next victory is growing in difficulty), we know that head coach Matt Nagy is on his way out. At least he is if Geroge McCaskey, the Chairman of the Board, wants to avoid a fan revolt.

The Bears will again conduct a search for a new head coach. The question, however, is who the people are who will lead that search.

General manager Ryan Pace hired Nagy. He is also the architect of this roster that isn’t a playoff-contending team. Also, he is the architect of rosters since 2015 that owns a record of 46.64. During his tenure, the Bears have had four double-digit loss seasons out of seven.

During this offseason, the Bears will have 31 free agents. There are a few others with buyouts on their contracts who could also become free agents. The team has to balance who to keep and who to bring in to build a contender.

Does McCaskey trust Pace to pick the next head coach and rebuild the roster? Nagy was Pace’s guy. When Pace became the general manager, the Bears felt his inexperience would be a problem so they insisted on also hiring John Fox. Being that Fox was a dinosaur in NFL terms, he and Pace didn’t get along. Eventually, Pace got his wish and went with Nagy.

As they say, be careful what you wish for.

With his failure in hiring a successful coach and building struggling rosters, the Bears likely find a new general manager. The McCaskeys really like Pace so he may just move to another position on the team. We’ll see if that happens. However, his time as general manager is done. The Bears need someone else.

Here are five possible replacements for Pace as general managers of the Chicago Bears.