Chicago Bears 5 Possible replacements for GM Ryan Pace

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5. Will McClay, Vice President of Player Personnel, Dallas Cowboys

Will McClay has been one of the most sought-after candidates for a general manager position for a number of years now. However, he feels very comfortable where he is currently working, the Dallas Cowboys.

As the offseason comes around, teams will again try to pry McClay from Dallas. He’s had several jobs with the Cowboys since 2009. He became an integral part of the front office since then. Many praised him for his ability to be the bridge between ownership, coaching and scouting staff, and players.

If there is a question or a problem, people go to McClay and he’ll resolve it. For this reason, he earned the nickname, “The Unifier.” This ability would make him a great general manager. So far, though, he’s declined all requests.

"I’m very happy with my role here with the Cowboys. It is a family and I want to be a part of building a string of successful championship teams. I love it here. I love the organization and the things that we do."

Many teams struggled with the draft this year. Because of COVID, teams weren’t able to visit the players and interview them in person. They could only request interviews through Zoom. Despite that, he found two excellent players, wide receiver CeeDee Lamb and cornerback Trevon Diggs. That is in addition to other strong draft picks over the past few years.

It’ll be difficult to even get an interview with McClay. If the Chicago Bears can get one, however, they could land a general manager who could transform the franchise.