2021 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 17

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NFL Picks and predictions
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New York Giants (4-11) at Chicago Bears (5-10)

Sunday, January 2, 1PM ET

Trying to pick between these two teams is like trying to pick whether to be punched in the face or kicked in the crotch — neither is a good choice. Unfortunately, I can’t just defer. That would go against the purpose of this piece. So the Chicago Bears it is.

Why? Well I feel like their offense is slightly more exciting than the New York Giants’, especially if Justin Fields can return to the field in Week 17. They’ve got a tough reliable runner in David Montgomery, and even Allen Robinson is solid at times. I can’t say the same about the Giants, especially with Mike Glennon still starting under center.

Furthermore, I’ve got more faith in the Chicago defense at this point. They should be able to pressure Glennon all game long and keep Saquon Barkley from suddenly returning to form. With all of that said, don’t expect a blowout.

The Bears get a meaningless win at home, while New York gets one step closer to the offseason. At least this should help their positioning during the 2022 NFL Draft because just playing this game seems to be a detriment to both of these franchises and their fans.

Prediction: Bears win 20-14 | Spread: Bears (-5.5)