Chicago Bears talk about trading Justin Fields is ridiculous and must stop

2022 NFL Draft - Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images
2022 NFL Draft - Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images /

For some reason, talks about trading Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields have gained traction recently. Those are just ridiculous and make no sense.

Maybe some people feel that the Chicago Bears have been bad for so long that they don’t deserve any nice things. That might be the only reason to come up with concerning recent trade rumors. For some reason, talks about trading quarterback Justin Fields have gotten louder.

After the season ended, the Bears fired general manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy. Nagy was unable to shore up the offense and develop the two young quarterbacks he had. It’s been especially frustrating since most people thought the team finally found the franchise quarterback they spent decades looking for. That quarterback is Justin Fields.

There is no doubt that Fields struggled in his rookie season. The main reason for that, however, is how unprepared Nagy had him. He had an offense built around Andy Dalton and tried to make Fields run it as well. Dalton and Fields are two completely different players and it seemed that everyone saw that but Nagy.

As you can see, people are actually talking about this more and more. The idea of trading him is ridiculous, but there are even some who call Fields a bust and continue to question his work ethic.

The person who tweeted the last post is really a Harvard graduate. You always need to question someone who uses QBR, the ESPN made-up stat that at one point had Tim Tebow playing quarterback better than Tom Brady.

Oh, and talking about the fumbles would have kept those people from getting Josh Allen. Allen had 22 fumbles in his first two seasons. That was a reason to give up on him, right? By the way, he’s had 17 in his last two seasons but that hasn’t kept him from leading the Bills on playoff runs.

These people also bring up the fact that the Bears have no first-round picks and Fields would bring one. Well, let’s look at that logic. The Bears have no first-round pick but have a possible franchise quarterback. They trade that quarterback so they get a first-round pick. Since they don’t have a franchise quarterback now, though, they need to look for a quarterback. Oh, and let’s keep in mind that this year’s crop of quarterback prospects is one of the weakest in recent memory.

That sounds brilliant, doesn’t it?

I suspect that the main reason for some of this talk is for clickbait. Having this hot take will certainly rile up the Chicago Bears fanbase and people will go to their sites just to see how ridiculous these takes are. Now that the season is over and the firings have been made, there isn’t much to report except the team has a bunch of interviews. Until the Bears finally make some hires there isn’t a lot to talk about.

Bringing a topic as ridiculous as this is too far out, however. A big reason the Chicago Bears’ jobs are so attractive is that they have Fields in place, not because they can trade him. Call me crazy, but there is no chance the Bears trade him this offseason.