2022 NFL picks, score predictions for Conference Championships

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2022 NFL picks
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The AFC and NFC Championship matchups are officially set. This latest round of NFL picks and score predictions will help determine who plays in Super Bowl 56.

This is what the 2021 NFL season has come to—two final battles to determine which squads will make the trip to Super Bowl LVI. After four months of madness, we’re now within three weeks of watching grown men tearfully kiss a trophy while being showered with confetti.

We’re not quite to the Super Bowl, though. First, we’ve got to get through the two Conference Championship games. This will be the final game of the 2021 season for two franchises, while the other two will punch their tickets to Los Angeles in hopes of cementing themselves in NFL history as champions.

So who will emerge victorious? Well, that’s what I’m here to help figure out. For the most part, my playoff picks have been strong. Through the first two rounds, I’ve managed a record of 8-2, missing only on the two remaining NFC contenders surviving the Divisional Round. Such is life.

Despite the talent still alive in the playoffs, the remaining field is somewhat surprising. Three of the four remaining teams were a fourth seed or lower, and neither of the top-seeded teams were able to secure a single postseason victory. The Kansas City Chiefs’ presence in the Championship Round isn’t surprising, but the rest of the remaining franchises overcame the odds to get here.

So without further ado, here are my NFL picks and score predictions for the AFC and NFC Conference Championship games this upcoming weekend.