NFL 2022: Predicting one cap casualty for every team this offseason

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Indianapolis Colts

Potential Cap Casualty: Jack Doyle

The Colts are one of the best teams at managing the cap right now. Despite having a competitive roster, they almost always have money to spend. The same can be said this season, as they enter this offseason with over $40-million in cap space. While making moves to add more to that number isn’t necessary, Jack Doyle makes sense for other reasons.

At one point, Doyle was a steady starter that filled a variety of roles. He was a great possession receiver, a talented red-zone option, and a good blocker. At his age now though, regression has set in, and he isn’t playing like he used to. The team can save an easy $5.5-million this offseason by cutting the veteran tight end.

While making him a cap casualty isn’t a necessity, it makes sense for the Colts at this point. They have been using Mo-Ali Cox more in the passing game, and they could use the money they get from cutting Doyle to bring him back.

Again, cap-wise this isn’t a move that needs to happen, but it makes sense for the Colts to release Doyle this offseason.