Chicago Bears OC Luke Getsy shares his vision for the new offense

Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images
Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images /

Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy was recently interviewed and shared what he envisions for the new offense in 2022.

Now that the Super Bowl is over, teams turn their attention to rebuilding their rosters for the 2022 season. The Chicago Bears are among the teams that have a great deal of work. It isn’t just because they had a 6-11 record in 2021. They have over 30 players on the roster hitting free agency and another handful who are eligible for buyouts.

New general manager Ryan Poles has a daunting task ahead of him. He has to find the right combination of players who could play together and get some wins. In addition to that, he and the new coaches he hired need to be on the same page to determine who they bring in.

Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus have to be in agreement on their philosophies. We saw what happened when the players the general manager (Ryan Pace) brought in didn’t match what the head coach (Matt Nagy) wanted for his offensive system.

Another key to the equation is offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. With Eberflus being more of a defensive guru than an offensive one, Getsy came over from the Green Bay Packers where he worked with Aaron Rodgers. In Chicago, he has the job of developing Justin Fields and helping him be the great quarterback the Chicago Bears feel he can be.

Getsy recently sat down for an interview that appeared on He shared his thoughts on what he envisions for the new offense for 2022. Here are some tidbits from that interview.

Getsy believes in building his offense that tailors to his players’ abilities. This is contrary to what happened with Nagy. Coaching both Fields and Mitchell Trubisky previously, he tried to force a square peg into a round hole. He didn’t have either player use their legs enough. He didn’t have run plays developed for them or run plays that moved the pocket around. He tried to make them just pocket passers instead of the types of players they really are.

That apparently won’t happen under Getsy.

"You bring a play-style mentality philosophy to the table and then evaluate what the player does best. How I’ve been brought up in this business is you build it around the quarterback first, and then you tailor everything else to match what everybody else does well… If the player can’t execute that, then we’re not going to have much success."

The most important part of that quote above is what he said about the quarterback. Getsy feels it’s important to build the offense around the quarterback. Once he has that, he wants players who could do their jobs.

This is great news for Fields. He’ll have his best abilities showcased. Now he’ll just have to have offensive linemen who block and receivers who can catch.

Getsy feels that the quarterback has to make big decisions on every play and every protection call. If Fields is comfortable with the system he’ll likely make good decisions.

Getsy also wants to create relationships among his players. He doesn’t just want to have the players just play for their stats or just because it’s their job. He wants them to do their jobs because they want to succeed for their teammates. When they have those relationships between their teammates and coaches, they’ll want to play better. They’ll be more willing to play for the common good.

In the same way, he wants his players to play for the common good and not just want to hog the credit for success, Getsy doesn’t want to take the credit for the offense. He doesn’t feel that the offense will be his. It is a collaborative effort. While he’ll be running the offense, it also involves everyone. He has to answer to Eberflus, and he needs input from the other offensive coaches so things can run smoothly.

It’ll be interesting to see how Poles, Eberflus, and Getsy work together to improve the Chicago Bears offense. We haven’t seen much offensive success in a while and in order for them to succeed they need to run a good offense. Hopefully, they got it right this time.