Chicago Bears 2022 Mock Draft: Final mock before the real thing

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Chicago Bears, 2022 NFL Draft
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In my final Chicago Bears mock draft for the season, the team picks up some help for quarterback Justin Fields and fills some necessary needs.

Well, this is it. The 2022 Chicago Bears draft is about a week away from happening. We’ve seen all the Chicago Bears mock drafts and speculations on who they’ll go after. On April 28th, we’ll finally see who general manager Ryan Poles decides on which prospects fill the roster.

The Bears certainly have quite a few holes to fill. They had over 60 percent of the roster become free agents. Poles signed a few back, let quite a few walk, and signed new free agents of his own.

His picks on which free agents he wanted had Bears fans puzzled, but he has a plan and he’s sticking to it. He’s the one getting paid to make the decisions and we’re here for the ride.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to try to predict what moves Poles and the Bears front office make. That’s what makes being a fan so much fun. We make predictions and then complain when Poles doesn’t agree or inflate our chests when he does.

As I mentioned, the Bears have a lot of holes to fill. Poles doesn’t have the number of picks to fill them all. He could decide to make some trades down to acquire more picks. He said, however, that he likes the prospects in the second or third rounds.

Does he wait until later to trade, or does he trade down early to acquire more picks in the second and third rounds?

We’ve seen from Poles foray into free agency that he won’t be moved by fan or so-called “expert” sentiments. He has a vision of what he wants and nothing will turn him away from that vision.

Here is my final Chicago Bears 2022 mock draft.