Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles will face his first real test in 2022 NFL Draft

Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /

Now that he is set to make his debut as a general manager in an NFL Draft, Ryan Poles of the Chicago Bears must know that his first real test has finally arrived. 

When Ryan Poles took the job as general manager of the Chicago Bears, he stated clearly that he wanted to build his team through the draft. The problem was, with only five picks to work with, the margin for error was slimmer than ever.

Even after trading away All-Pro Khalil Mack for a second-round pick in 2022 and sixth in 2023, the Chicago Bears have six picks to work with this year, none in the first or fourth round.

Poles has expressed interest in trading down and acquiring more capital, but it’s easier said than done. Again, it was not his fault the team only had five choices before he arrived, but he now has the responsibility to work with what he has.

The good news is, he’s cut from the right material and has learned from other executives in Kansas City. Furthermore, having a good staff around him, including assistant GM Ian Cunningham, alleviates the task, but the responsibility grows.

Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles must take advantage of what he has in 2022 Draft

With such limited draft capital, it is fair to assume that Ryan Poles will be extra careful and selective with his choices.

Moreover, this is not a one-year project; this will take time and patience, which is not easy for a fanbase that has to consistently refer to 1985 and 2006 up until the Super Bowl.

There is a reason for optimism. Given how Poles stated his desire to trade down, he may end up with more picks to work with, and given his scouting background, he seems to have a clear vision of how he views his team.

He even said so, referring to a “tough, violent, and fast team.”

To his credit, while others may say it limits the scope, it’s a good thing for the Bears as it allows them to make moves strictly on their policies and not from an outside perspective. Stick to your guns and fundamentals, and build through those principles.

Discipline leads to success, and if Poles shows that during the draft, he will have passed the test with flying colors. There is no reason to doubt him. He’s earned this job, given how much time he spent during his career. It’s now a case of watch and see.