Tennessee Titans: Ranking the 6 best games on the 2022 schedule

Treylon Burks, Tennessee TitansDraftfest 02
Treylon Burks, Tennessee TitansDraftfest 02 /
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Tennessee Titans
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The Tennessee Titans have one of the exciting schedules in the NFL for 2022, featuring a mix of non-division opponents, NFC powerhouses, and primetime games.

The 2022 Tennessee Titans schedule has officially been revealed and fans are in for an absolute feast of fantastic football this season.

The Titans are going to be road warriors to start off the season, playing three of their first five games on the road before being awarded an early-season “bye” in Week 6.

The Titans only have back-to-back home games once this season, which won’t come until Week 16 and Week 17 when they face Houston and Dallas, respectively.

Tennessee looks to have at least four prime-time games in front of a national viewing audience, a chance for NFL fans to see superstar running back Derrick Henry and 2022 first-round pick wide receiver Treylon Burks.

Will we ever see rookie QB Malik Willis take the field? It’s way too early to predict if or when that may happen, but fans are likely to have a short leash for incumbent veteran QB Ryan Tannehill.

How many interceptions will they allow from Tannehill? How many bad plays or empty drives will it take before the fans start to get vocal about seeing Willis on the field?

There could be a lot of drama in Nashville this season, especially after Tannehill renounced any responsibility to mentor Willis.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest, best, and most exciting matchups for the Tennessee Titans during the 2022 NFL season.