3 teams that should try to sign Baker Mayfield as a backup if released

Baker Mayfield was not traded by the Cleveland Browns during the NFL draft.Syndication The Oklahoman
Baker Mayfield was not traded by the Cleveland Browns during the NFL draft.Syndication The Oklahoman /
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It feels like anything is on the table regarding Baker Mayfield’s future. Which teams should try to convince him to come on as a backup if released?

Ever since the Cleveland Browns decided to make a big move to get Deshaun Watson, everyone has been trying to figure out where Baker Mayfield will play football next.

There has been a ton of speculation as the number of teams in need of a starting quarterback has substantially dwindled.

There are still a few remaining that could use an upgrade over their current situation, including the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers, but most of the teams in the NFL right now have a plan they seem to be sticking to.

There is also the fact that Jimmy Garoppolo has yet to be moved by the San Francisco 49ers, which throws a wrench in things.

Ultimately, while it may not be Plan A, it feels like one option that should be on the table for Baker Mayfield is to go to a really good team where he would be the backup quarterback for a year, rehabbing his value and creating demand for his services in 2023.

It seems like an off-the-wall idea, but injuries happen in the NFL. Being part of a great team where coaches and strong executives can market your services to other teams is helpful.

Baker Mayfield doesn’t need to shoe-horn himself into the Carolina Panthers in 2022 and hope it works out just so he can start. He could go to a great team or better situation and rehab his value as a backup for a season.

But for which teams?

Baker Mayfield
Jun 9, 2022; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterbacks Kyle Trask (2) (left) Ryan Griffin (4) (right) and Tom Brady (12) (center) participate in mandatory mini camp at AdventHealth Training Center Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports /

Baker Mayfield off-the-wall option no. 3: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers seem to have a quarterback room and hierarchy that they presently like quite a bit.

Tom Brady is back for another season with the team.

Blaine Gabbert is also back for another year as Brady’s backup, and the Bucs have 2021 second-round pick Kyle Trask under contract.

Ryan Griffin is also still around for the Bucs and this is a team with a very strong overall QB room as long as Brady is at the top.

But what about the post-Brady era?

The Bucs got a slight scare this offseason when Brady retired for a couple of months, and the idea of life after Brady is certainly not appealing considering the alternatives for this team.

Regardless of what the Bucs would say publicly regarding Kyle Trask, I can’t help but think that Baker Mayfield would be a better potential long-term option for this franchise after Brady retires.

They have plenty of weapons to get the ball to, an outstanding offensive line, and Mayfield would have a tremendous defense behind him.

There’s nothing like sitting behind Tom Brady to elevate your value.