Chicago Bears: Fields’ statement on offense shouldn’t be worrisome

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Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields recently made a statement about the offense that raised eyebrows. The statement isn’t as worrisome as some make it to be, however.

When you are the face of a franchise as famous as the Chicago Bears your words weigh more heavily. Even if you don’t want to make it seem as if there is a problem, many people might take it that way.

Such is the case with quarterback Justin Fields. He recently spoke about the state of the offense and it raised some eyebrows.

Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times recently interviewed Fields. He asked him if he and the offense are ready for the season. Fields gave him a stark and honest response.

"Uh, no. I’m not ready for the season to start. I’m the type of guy that would like to know I’m prepared. So, right now, I’m just being honest. We’re not ready to play a game right now. And when that time comes, we will be ready. So, right now, no — not ready to play a game."

We all say we want our athletes to be honest and not give stock answers to questions. When they do, however, they cause controversy. Fields was brutally honest and there is a segment of the Chicago Bears fandom that doesn’t accept negative comments about this team.

Heck, there are some who think this roster can compete for the playoffs (cue in the hate comment in 3, 2, 1…).

What Fields said, though, isn’t controversial. This is an offense with a revamped wide receivers corps and an offensive line with a lot of doubt.

Oh, and they are all learning a new system with a new coaching staff. Of course, there will be a time for adjustments.

It isn’t like there are players who know the system completely. Lucas Patrick and Equanimeous St. Brown came from the Green Bay Packers. That is where new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy came from as well.

However, he wasn’t the offensive coordinator there and is now calling plays for the first time. It’s new for everyone.

It isn’t as if the season starts tomorrow and the Bears offense is unprepared. We are in June and training camp hasn’t started yet. It’s fine for the offense not to be ready yet. If the same can be said in September then there is a problem. There is none in June.

The good thing is that Fields is one of the hardest-working players in the NFL. His work ethic was phenomenal in college and it continues in the league. Rookie wide receiver Velus Jones Jr. is amazed by Fields’ work ethic and says it motivates him to keep up and get better.

"Justin Fields’ work ethic is insane. He’s in the facility every day. I know with this week off a lot people aren’t there right now, but he’s still in the building every day. That motivates me to see my QB putting in the work."

Now that the mandatory minicamp is over, the bears have a six-week break before training camp begins. Fields and company will still be hard at work during the lull. Fields, Jones Jr, and Darnell Mooney will work together in Atlanta. I’m sure other offensive players will likely travel down there as well.

This is another example of Fields’ leadership. He’s honest about the offense right now but he also works hard and gets his teammates to buy into him. He could probably sell ice to people in Antarctica in the winter.

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The offense likely won’t be a finished project even when the season begins. If we see some progression, however, it bodes well for the future.