Chicago Bears Training Camp: The only consistency in 2022 is change

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Eberflus is working and pushing his players

Just from the minicamps and OTAs, we see that Eberflus is very different from Nagy. Nagy was more laid back in his approach to the players. He was mostly hands-off with the defense and special teams. He was an offensive-oriented coach so he spent most of his time with that unit.

Things kind of went off the rails with Nagy. While his approach was popular among the players, at some point there was little accountability. Discipline was also low. We saw a ton of boneheaded mistakes and penalties that kept happening over and over again.

Things are definitely different with Eberflus. Coming in, he introduced everyone to his HITS principle. HITS stands for hustle, intensity, taking care of/taking the football, and smart play.

This team may not win more games than it loses but we’ll see a different attitude from the players. They will play harder and will do it throughout the game.

Now, when teams play Chicago, they might come out with a victory but they will be in a dogfight to get it. Eberflus is bringing back the Monsters of the Midway.

Eberflus is working his players hard. In fact, he had them working so hard that the team was fined for having live hitting during the offseason programs.

Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen the Bears wilt late in games. Eberflus wants to change that. This looks to be a fit team that will battle for 60 minutes.

If the players don’t like the new way of life on the team, then Poles and Eberflus will find a way to show you the door. We are seeing that with offensive lineman Teven Jenkins.

There are reports that he has a disconnect with the coaching staff. He hasn’t been able to get with the program so now the team is looking to trade him.

There is more accountability on this team now.