One massive question for Patriots QB Mac Jones heading into year two

NFL Picks, Week 12 - Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
NFL Picks, Week 12 - Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images /

Lots of eyes are on Mac Jones as he heads into year two. There is one burning question, though, that he must answer in 2022.

Mac Jones’ rookie season was, historically speaking, spectacular.  Going 10-7 in the regular season and leading his team to a playoff spot was an outstanding display of football.

There are some within the NFL fanbase who are projecting Mac Jones to have a massive year two.  I tend to agree, but I think there is one, massive, burning question that he must answer.

There have been and are quarterbacks throughout the league who were able to put up gaudy stats, but weren’t able to solidify themselves as “that dude.”

Even though I’m a big fan of him, Kirk Cousins is a good example of this.  Cousins is able to put up ridiculous numbers, ranking, for the most part, in the top 7-10 in most major passing categories every year, but questions remain about that “it” factor.

So, the question that Mac Jones must answer in year two is just that.  Does he have that “it” factor?  Can he be that dude?  Can he simply will his team to victory when it’s needed most?

Look around the NFL at quarterbacks who are just that.  Joe Burrow, Matthew Stafford, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Tom Brady, among a few others.

These players are able to will their teams to where they need to go.  They may not be the most athletic or put up the nicest stats, but they’re able to, when it gets tough, make something worthwhile happen.

Mac Jones is likely to have a prettier TD:INT ratio and throw for more passing yards in year two.  He’ll also likely have a higher passer rating and could definitely finish with a winning record again.

All of those improvements would be nice, but will Mac Jones end up as another Kirk Cousins, or will he elevate himself to become the Joe Burrows of the world?

Right now, that question remains clearly unanswered, so Jones has every single opportunity in front of him to answer it and shut the door on any doubters.