50 fantasy football team names certain to be the funniest in your league in 2022

Fantasy Football, Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs -Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Fantasy Football, Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs -Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /
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Fantasy Football, Stefon Diggs – Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /

Fantasy Football Team Names based on first-round picks (part 2)

45. Big Diggs Energy (Stefon Diggs)

This team name certainly falls in the “edgy” category, depending on how close to crossing the line you want to come. This hilarious play on words comes with this year’s projected WR5 and one of the best overall receivers in all of football.

44. One Tyreek Hill (Tyreek Hill)

Alright, admit it — you’re a One Tree Hill fan. There’s absolutely no shame in it, it’s a fantastic show. If you’ve avoided the show to this point, treat yourself. Fans of the show can give a tip of the cap to an all-time great CW drama while also reaping the benefits of having the Cheetah — this year’s WR8 — in the lineup every week.

43. Austin 3:16 (Austin Ekeler)

An homage to Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Austin 3:16 team name is simple and on-trend with the vintage wave. Ekeler is neck-and-neck with Christian McCaffrey as this year’s RB2 in fantasy football.

42. What’s Kupp-dog? (Cooper Kupp)

Cooper Kupp is this year’s WR1 and likely your top pick if he’s on your roster. There are some even edgier names you could get into with a last name like Kupp, but we’re going to try to keep it PG-13 here instead of turning the filter completely off, if you catch my drift. This is a reference to an all-time classic cold opening of The Office.

41. Keep it Christian (Christian McCaffrey)

What the frick, man? What the heck is going on? Just keeping it Christian around here with this year’s projected RB2.